How I Lit Fashion Film 001

I shot Fashion Film 001 in August 2015 as part of my review for the Sony a7R II. Before I get into the lighting, you might want to quickly watch the actual video itself:

Now here’s how I lit Fashion Film 001:

Lights used

I had a full lighting truck and crew of about 10 or 12 people. Here are the lights I asked for:

  • 1x Arri 2.5K HMI – I distinctly remember using it at least once, but let’s assume it wasn’t used at all.
  • 2x Arri 1.2K HMIs – key lights for most of the looks
  • 2x 400W Joker Bugs (PAR reflector, Softbox with grid) – Hair and rim lights
  • 2x 1K Baby Tungsten Fresnel – used as key for the last look
  • 2x 150 W Dedolight DLH-4s – used as spotlight for the last look

In addition, I had the following as part of the package:

  • Generator – the studio was on the first floor and couldn’t guarantee power
  • Diffusion – mostly 216 or sometimes 250.
  • Black flags, floppies, cloth, ‘cutters’, etc.
  • Polystyrene sheets for fill
  • Elinchrom studio strobes for flashing
  • Color gels for the walls