How does one master lighting for interviews?

I’m like you, bound by how the video business is nowadays. Clients don't pay as much as they used to, and anybody can afford a camera, one good lens and some lights. It creates the impression anybody can become a cinematographer.

Let's make no mistake. The impression is created by us, the professionals, who too believe the nonsense that just owning a certain product will make us good. That's like saying having the best scalpel will make us a doctor, or wearing the most expensive sneakers will transform us into a basketball superstar.

There are things you can do automatically - like use a camera with a large dynamic range, and open up the aperture for that shallow depth of field look. But there are things you can't do well automatically. Like lighting.

If you can light well consistently, your clients will get from you what most others cannot provide. Why? Because lighting is hard. It takes time to learn lighting. The reward is a skill nobody else can steal or copy easily.

The question is: How do you learn lighting?

The solution, from

If you've been watching my videos or reading my blog you'll know my free stuff itself provides phenomenal value. In return for the amount of effort I put into each video, I have been blessed with thousands of comments and emails from successful filmmakers and cinematographers who are helped daily.

That's what I bring to the table - a single-minded dedication to teach and help.

This is the culmination of all my efforts. What you're seeing is the definitive guide to lighting interviews in interior locations professionally and consistently. And I'm going to show you how to do it with cheap and even DIY tools.

I'm going even further. I'm going to restrict myself assuming the worst possible scenario:

If you can get great results with average looking individuals in crappy locations using cheap lights, imagine what you can do with professional lights in great locations! With this skill in your arsenal you'll never find yourself out of work.

This guide contains tons of material, 15 lessons with over 5 hours of downloadable videos and stills. It can't get any simpler, or better, than this.

See for yourself. Here are the table of contents and some free videos for you to sample:

1. Introduction

How to get the most out of this guide, and a surprise tip!

2. Crash course in cinematography

Here's an example of how simple I can make it:

3. What is three-point lighting and why do we use it?

Ever thought about why we use three-point lighting? Here's your answer:

4. How I Setup and Light Interviews for Interiors

A taste of what you're in for:

5. The Interview Setup, Camera and Room

An explanation of the room and constraints of the interview setup.

1. What are tungsten halogen work or flood lights?

Why these lights are probably the most budget-friendly bang for your buck.

2. How to light interviews with tungsten halogen work or flood lights

6 LOOKS. I start from zero. This one lesson will change the way you light.

3. Limitations of work lights and how you can improve on them

Why do professionals use expensive fixtures like tungsten fresnels?

1. An overview of my DIY fluorescent light bank

How I've designed my DIY flo light bank, and why you don't need expensive lights.

2. How to light interviews with fluorescent lights

3 LOOKS. Now we'll try to achieve the same looks with different lights!

3. Limitations of DIY fluorescent lights and how you can improve on them

Why do professionals use expensive light banks?

1. What to look for when buying LED lights

All those choices, so let's make sense of it.

2. How to select Softboxes

What is a softbox and what should you look for?

3. How to eliminate the green color cast on skin tones

Watch it for free:

4. How to light interviews with LED lights

5 LOOKS. Now we'll try to achieve the same looks with LED lights!

5. How to light interviews with LED lights against a Window

1 LOOK. Dealing with windows is one of the hardest parts of interview lighting. Not after this lesson!

6. How to tackle Shadows, Catchlights and Reflections in eyeglasses

5 LOOKS. The most common issues you'll face. Done!

7. How to light interviews with Flexible Bicolor LED Lights

2 LOOKS. Flexible LEDs are all the rage. Here's the most affordable option and how to light with it!

1. BONUS: How I light my Youtube videos

1 LOOK. I take you behind the scenes to show you how I make my videos.

2. BONUS: How I lit Fashion Film 001

6 LOOKS. Learn how I lit this project:

3. Low Budget Lighting Kit List and Prices

A suggested lighting kit to start out with and shoot professional interviews in interior locations.

4. The Light Stands I Own and Use

The different kinds of light stands and when to use which.

5. Free Feedback!

Send in your work and I'll assess it for free and suggest improvements.

6. New BONUS: How I lit the Lighting Guide Commercial

Learn how to shoot against a white background, feathering the light and using gels to change the color balance.

How will this guide help you?

  1. You can learn to light with any light, cheap or expensive. You will be like a magician. A real professional!

  2. You can create consistent videos easily. Your clients will want your signature look.

  3. You will save precious time and aggravation learning by trial and error, not to mention the business and work you will lose during this period.

  4. Both stills and videos are downloadable in 1080p^. Watch at your leisure and practice along with me!

  5. Save money by not wasting it on expensive lights and modifiers you will not need.

That’s what real knowledge can do for you – it will make you look good. Even if you put half my tips into practice over the next month or so, you’ll see immediate benefits.

If you have the motivation, my guide is all you need to reach the next level. However, some of you might not have the confidence to make it on your own. Well, I have a solution for that too.


Email Support

Every Buyer gets FREE EMAIL SUPPORT! If you get stuck I will personally guide you.

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^All videos and stills are downloadable individually. But text cannot, because I'm constantly updating, adding to or modifying them to make it better. The entire guide cannot be downloaded in one go. This is not an ebook.



Interview Lighting Guide for Interiors.

  • A guide to lighting interviews in interior locations professionally and without expensive gear.
  • 5 hours of downloadable video in 1080p.
  • Full resolution stills for study.
  • FREE email support for one year

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Interview Lighting Guide for Interiors - $97 only.

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FAQ and Terms

When will I get access?

You get immediate access once the payment is sucessful.

Can I use my own login and password?

Yes. You will have your own account page and can make the necessary changes.

Can the guide be read offline?

No. You will always need a browser and an Internet connection. But you can download all the videos to watch at your leisure.

Why is this guide web-based?

I can't think of any other format where I can combine video, high-quality stills and loads of content. The lessons are presented in the way and order I want to teach them.

I don't like web-based content!

When I get everything I want from life, you'll get yours.

Will the guide be updated?

I would love to, but it depends on the number of users and how engaged they are. To realistically keep updating this guide I'll have to charge a subscription fee instead of a one-time amount. Therefore, you're paying for the guide in its present form, as-is, and no future content is promised.

How does the return policy work?

The 24-hour policy begins the moment I send the login credentials. If you're unsatisfied with the guide you can let me know within 24 hours and I'll return your money. No questions asked.

How long will this guide be active?

The guide will be available for at least 5 years from the date of purchase. To be honest I have no plans of taking it down, but I don't own the Internet.

How does email support work?

Inside the guide, there is a contact form and my email address. Whenever you need to, how many ever times you need to, you can send me an email. I'll try my best to respond to all queries, but please understand, there is no legal obligation for me to do so. Email support is also time-bound up to 12 months from the date of purchase. It is a free bonus and is not part of the sale, so please don't assume it is your legal right! There might be many extenuating circumstances where I won't be able to reply to your emails, and I am not obligated to justify myself for anything either. I'm not running a call center, you know!

What about interview lighting for exteriors?

Great question. Exterior lighting demands a whole different set of tools. Master interior lighting first, where things are in your control.

Who is this lighting guide for? What do I need to know?

This guide is for those who are beginners to lighting and would like to learn interview lighting.

It is assumed you know the basics of cinematography - exposure, how to read waveforms, f-stops and depth of field, etc.

If not, I have included videos in the guide from my Youtube channel (these are not downloadable, I'm just including them for convenience) that goes through the basics. So even if you are a newcomer you can go through my videos and then start following the lessons on lighting.

And, you have access to me so you can ask me questions!

Is the guide available in India?

Yes, but not via Paypal. Send us an email on to purchase this guide in India. Price is the current exchange rate + 15% Service Tax, payable by bank transfer.

Dude, this guide is expensive!

For the price of an ebook or a meal you're getting content you won't find anywhere else. And, you get free email support to ask me anything. Too expensive? Give me a break.


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