How does one Master 42MP and 4K Video?

I’m like you, bound by limited tools and budgets. But now we have a camera that promises so much, yet requires a lot of "catching up" to exploit well.

Let's make no mistake. The Sony a7R II is not a point and shoot. 42MP stills and 4K video is not for the faint hearted. You need some know-how to make it work, and some serious guidance.

I realized early on that the a7R II can deliver stunning images in any situation - landscape, fine art, fashion, wedding stills and videos, corporate videos, commercials, cinema, music videos, you name it. All you needed was a workflow - a step-by-step system that tells you when to use which setting, and how to get great images or videos in any budget or deadline.

The solution, from

If you've been reading my blog you'll know my free stuff itself provides phenomenal value. Even a brief perusal of my blog or Youtube channel will show you the amount of effort I put into each piece. In return, I have been blessed with scores of comments and emails from successful filmmakers who are helped daily with my guides and articles.

That's what I bring to the table - a single-minded dedication to teach and help.

This is the culmination of all my efforts. What you're seeing is the definitive guide to creating beautiful stills and cinematic videos and films using the Sony a7R II. You've got the camera in your hands, and you have the quality, now it's time to connect the dots.

The guide contains tons of material, over 60 videos plus more lessons. 14 hours of downloadable videos, full resolution stills that you can download and study; and a couple of print-ready cheat sheets. It can't get any simpler than this.

See for yourself. Here are the table of contents, and some free videos for you to sample:

1. Quick Start Guide

The simple guide to getting your camera running in no time.

2. My Sony a7R II Review - What's it good for?

Watch my review:

3. Full Menu Walkthrough

In this hour-long lesson we go through every menu item and pick it apart.

4. How to White Balance the a7R II correctly

One of the most important aspects of shooting stills and video. We nail it.

5. How to customize the Function (Fn) Menu

This is a 'mini-menu' that gives you access to 12 settings easily.

6. How to customize the four Custom buttons (C1 to C4)

Learn which settings are right on your bread-and-butter buttons.

7. How to configure and set the Memory Banks (1, 2, M1 to M4)

A pro-level feature that will save your skin every time.

8. How to customize the rear dials and buttons

The final piece of the puzzle.

9. Quick Overview of how I’ve setup my camera and custom buttons

Learn how I do it and why.

10. How to clean your sensor

There's the 'Sony way', and then there's the 'other way'.

11. How to use the in-camera meter for exposure

This video will guide you to understanding the irritating in-camera meter.

12. How to handle APS-C mode and use APS-C lenses

Take advantage of one of the coolest features of the a7R II.

1. A Detailed Look at the Settings Specific to Photography

We go through every single menu item and how it helps.

2. File Structure and formats for photography

Learn how to organize your stills, and understand the differences between RAW and JPEGs.

3. Understanding the Histogram

It's a puny histogram. How do you make sense of it?

4. Exposing to the right (ETTR) for RAW files

My definitive guide to ETTR with the a7R II.

Watch it:

5. How to bracket your camera for HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Timelapses

This feature will give you HDR and timelapse superpowers.

6. Usable ISO range

After all, you can't shoot great images without subduing noise at will.

7. Comparison of Creative Styles

Wrap your head around the different looks you can achieve in-camera.

8. How to tweak Creative Styles

I show you how to tweak Creative styles the right way, and what settings I use and why.

9. Compressed vs Uncompressed RAW workflow

Uncompressed RAW takes up double the space. Is it worth that?

10. Photographic Accessories

A detailed look at many photographic accessories for the a7R II - flash triggers, grips, tripod plates, intervalometers, and a few surprises.

11. Tethering Workflows

USB, Wi-fi and HDMI tethering. Master it.

1. Settings Specific to Video

We go through every single menu item and how it helps.

2. File Structure and formats for video

What do those folders mean, and how to organize your videos.

3. Understanding the Zebra

Use this indispensable tool to expose correctly every single time.

4. How to mitigate rolling shutter

The bane of the a7R II camera. Now you know how to deal with it.

5. How to tweak picture profiles, a detailed walkthrough

Every profile offers sub-settings that's the work of the devil himself. Let's destroy this problem.

6. XAVC S vs AVCHD vs MP4, a comparison

My picks on when to use which codec and why. Can't get any easier than this!

7. How to shoot and grade S-Log2

The guide to ultimate video image quality. Get cinematic videos here!

8. Video Rigs and Accessories

A detailed look at many accessories and gear pertaining to video for the a7R II - cages, baseplates, battery and power, and many more.

To get an idea, watch my review of the Varavon Zeus Cage:

9. Audio Workflows

Let's not forget audio! Is the internal audio capable enough?

1. Lens Adapters

All those choices, so let's make sense of it.

2. ND Filters

This is the least understood aspect of shooting both stills and videos. Simple and comprehensive.

3. Recommended lenses

What it says! For both stills and video.

4. Autofocus Guide

My simple guide to using autofocus for both stills and video.

5. Image Stabilization

How's the in-camera stabilization different from lens stabilization, and does it offer any benefits at all?

Watch a few projects I've shot with this camera:

How will this guide help you?

  1. You can shoot any project with the Sony a7R II, with confidence. Now it'll be a point and shoot!

  2. You can grade your own videos easily.

  3. You can work with uncompressed RAW files to the highest professional standards.

  4. You will save precious time and aggravation conducting your own tests and research.

  5. Both stills and videos are downloadable in 1080p^. Watch at your leisure!

  6. Shoot with any camera in Log mode. You only have to learn this thing once!

That’s what real knowledge can do for you – it will make you look good. Even if you put half my tips into practice over the next month or so, you’ll see immediate benefits.

If you have the motivation, my guide is all you need to reach the next level. However, some of you might not have the confidence to make it on your own. Well, I have a solution for that too.



Every Buyer gets FREE EMAIL SUPPORT! If you get stuck I will personally guide you.

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^All videos are downloadable individually. So are RAW and JPEG files and PDFs. But text cannot, because I'm constantly updating, adding to or modifying them to make it better. The entire guide cannot be downloaded in one go.



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